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Im gonna make a show on youtube like this… anyone can join if they want  just fill out the form

A link of your Oc:
Mate/Crush: *you can choose one of my ocs to be a mate with if ya like or I can make you a mate*
Death: *if you want him or her to die in the show*
Past: *if you want him or her to have one in the show*
Good or Evil: *pick a side for your Oc to be in*

I hope you guys join^^
negitavehoney Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2012
Link:(the one on the right) [link]
Personality:Is easily scared and if she is in fear she will stay still.If reminded of her past in anyway she will esplode in rage.She is also very emotional and will run away if she is hurt teased or forgoten (she will cry to these as well)
Mate/Crush:No mate for me please
Death: imma alive
Past:Her past was in a milatary area where they were creating Keronians off of Pikoponian video game consoles.She was always teased and hurt.She had only 2 friends DS and Ps2.unfortunately when she sees Ps2 again he dies from internal wounds
Good or Evil:good
Link:(the one on the left)[link]
Name:nintendo Ds Ds (Ds for short)
Personality:Is happy go lucky.She can be very serious if it is called for.However Ds has a ghost inside of her which causes her to go on a murderous rampage.
Mate/Crush:Feel free to make her a mate,but it isn't required
Death:no death
Past:She is from the same place as Wii.However she was a loved girl.Everyone liked her.Wii was jealous until Ds became her friend
Good or Evil:Good if the ghost isn't taking control of her. Evil if the ghost is
Catothecat Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2012  Student Digital Artist
A link of your Oc: [link]
Name: Catoto
Gender: Male
Personality: Nice, clumsy, incompetent
Rank: None (He's an explorer)
Mate/Crush: None (you can make him one if ya want)
Death: Alive
Past: He was raised mostly by his mother because his father left home for the army when he was 10 years old. His mother told him everything about life and simple things and she wanted him to be in the army just like his father. He saw Keroro and his platoon on TV and wanted to be just like him. When he turned 18, he started to love the army and went to join several platoons, but he often got kicked out because of his incompetence and clumsiness. So, at 20, he realized that he was not made for the army.
Good or Evil: Good
ceeceeroxx Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2012  Student Filmographer
OMG i will join this! :D

A link of your Oc: ( i will make base and send to you guys soon :)
Name: Shikiki
Gender: Male
Personality: Very Funny,Optimistic,and Cheerful
Rank: First Sergeant (a rank that is one lower than kululu's)
Mate/Crush: Noone yet ;)
Death: N/A
Past: To lazy to type his past right now XD
Good or Evil: Good :D

May i make a base and send to you guys soon? :)
Juts give me a link to the base ;D
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