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Im gonna make a show on youtube like this… anyone can join if they want  just fill out the form

A link of your Oc:
Mate/Crush: *you can choose one of my ocs to be a mate with if ya like or I can make you a mate*
Death: *if you want him or her to die in the show*
Past: *if you want him or her to have one in the show*
Good or Evil: *pick a side for your Oc to be in*

I hope you guys join^^
Sorry everyone that I have not been on latley Had Lots of test and exames in school and I got a new PS3 and the video game Skyrim. Im going to be anouceing the Winners of the adoptables this evening so come and see if you won the adoptable you asked for^^ And I have another anoucment there is going to be a big contest on a vary special Keron I made that took a long time to make perfect I will be posting him tommorow or if im not lazy Tonight X3 And for the people who asked for a coustom keron il be posting them tommorow.
Im off for a while so does anyone want a custom keron? Just fill this out and leave it in the comments.

And a tell me what the keron looks like:

If you want a keron from a movie,book,TV Show, or anime just tell me what the name of the movie,book,TV Show, or anime and the person or animal is and il make it.
Im going to make some christmas keron adoptables but I need ideas of what you wanna see so leave a comment of what kinds of adoptables you would like to see and il make them^^ And maybe a rare one :iconmonkeychuckleplz:

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